Flat Bar: Simplicity at Its Best

Flat Bar is a type of handlebar that has been gaining popularity in the cycling world lately thanks to its sleek design and extreme versatility. While riders of all sizes and interests are using flat bars, this style of handlebar offers simplicity at its best.

What makes the flat bar so attractive is that it is a very straightforward design, incorporating a single, straight bar with a slight rise in the middle for extra comfort. This means that flat bars, unlike more complex handlebar designs, do not require additional accessories such as shifters or brakes. Furthermore, flat bars reduce the weight of the bicycle and provide good ergonomics when riding.

Flat bars are available in various widths, from the narrowest (Arrow 29) to the widest (Jordan 29). Depending on the rider’s needs, a selection of widths can be chosen to best suit their specific riding style.

In terms of performance, flat bars offer some of the best features. In general, flat bars provide a very even distribution of weight when riding, allowing for a smooth and efficient ride. They also promote upright cycling positions which can lead to a more natural and relaxed ride. Furthermore, flat bars provide plenty of grip for sharp turns and quick descents.

When it comes to comfort, the flat bar is designed to keep the rider’s hands firmly planted on the handlebars. The slight rise in the middle of the flat bar means the rider’s wrists and elbows are slightly raised compared to the traditional low-riser handlebar design. This design feature makes the flat bar extremely comfortable, even on longer rides.

Finally, the flat bar design is highly recommended for those who seek an authentic and nostalgic look. While most modern mountain bikes are equipped with more complex handlebar setups, the flat bar is a simple design that takes riders back to the biking days of the past.

In conclusion, flat bars offer a simple yet versatile design as well as great performance benefits. If you’re looking for a handlebar that keeps you riding in comfort and style, the flat bar is definitely worth considering. It’s simplicity and performance advantages make it an attractive option for all types of riders.

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