Why are Aero Bars a Game Changer for Cyclists

The humble bicycle has been a go-to form of transportation and leisure since it first gained traction in the 19th century. Over the last few decades, technological advancements have had a major impact on the look and function of the modern bicycle, allowing for even greater levels of enjoyment and performance on the roads and trails. Among the many changes, Aero Bars have proven to be a game changer for cyclists as they look to optimise their ride in many different ways, both physically and mentally.

aero bars, also known as clip-on bars, tri-bars, or aerobars, are handlebars that are attached to the base of a bicycle’s handlebar stem, right near the stem. The clip-on portion of the aero bars provides a variety of different hand positions and positions riders in a more aerodynamic position, allowing them to produce more speed and reduce fatigue over long distances. This ergonomic advantage makes aero bars a game changer for cyclists who are focusing on timed competitions, extended commutes, or endurance events.

For competitors and recreational cyclists alike, the difference that aero bars make on the core elements of performance and comfort is undeniable and easy to access. The additional hand positions facilitate better upper body positioning, providing a more efficient transfer of power through your legs and to the pedals. With a more streamlined shape, riders can reduce drag and cut down on wind resistance, particularly when riding on flat terrain. Moreover, the additional seating options can also reduce shoulder and back strain, allowing for improved posture and lasting comfort.

For those who want to make use of their aero bars beyond the flatlands, there are several accessories available that can help. Aerodynamic extensions can be added to the bars to account for the increased airflow contact at higher speeds, while shifters can also help the rider control their gearing with more precision. Clipless pedals, too, can make use of the aero bar positioning as riders can clip in, leaving their hands free. For safety reasons, handlebar end plugs, or “bar-ends”, should be used to ensure the rider’s hands and arms are free from harm in the event of a crash.

Overall, the introduction and steady evolution of aero bars has allowed cyclists to ride more efficiently, comfortably and safely in competition and on leisure rides. From extended time trial riders to weekend warriors, aero bars are a game changer for all cyclists. Whether it’s racing around a velodrome, commuting to work, or enjoying the outdoors, aero bars are an incredible tool to maximise the riding experience.

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