Why Should You Consider Carbon Handlebars

Have you been riding a bike for awhile and finding yourself wondering if you should upgrade to a set of carbon handlebars? Over the years, handlebars have gone through a major evolution; from steel, to aluminum, to carbon. Many bike riders look for the higher end material, such as carbon, to gain additional performance gains and add strength, while reducing the overall weight. If you’re in the market for some new handlebars, one of the major questions you’ll have is whether or not to choose carbon handlebars. Let’s dive further and discuss why carbon handlebars may be an excellent investment for you.

First, let’s discuss the design aspects of carbon handlebars. carbon handlebars tend to be lighter weight than aluminum and steel handlebars, as well as reducing road vibration and creating a more comfortable ride. Because of their lightweight, the risk of fatigue due to the extra weight is minimized. Additionally, the shape of carbon handlebars are usually more aerodynamic due to their shape that is designed for greater energy savings during rides.

Along with design features, carbon handlebars may offer increased performance features and technical capabilities. carbon handlebars come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and widths, which allow you to create the perfect handlebar to meet your road, downhill, cross-country, or general riding needs. Additionally, carbon handlebars are more flexible than steel and aluminum, allowing increased maneuverability and responsiveness.

While carbon handlebars may provide increased performance gains, they also provide greater structural strength over aluminum and steel. Typically, carbon handlebars have a greater tensile strength, which is the amount of pressure that can be tolerable by the material without breaking. Carbon is also able to absorb more impact and force without breaking. This is ideal for riders tackling intense terrain or who are looking for something more durable than what’s available in traditional handlebar materials.

Now that I’ve discussed some of the design features and technical capabilities of carbon handlebars, let’s discuss why you should consider them as a rider. As previously stated, carbon handlebars are often lighter weight, provide greater responsive maneuverability, and have increased structural strength. All these features combine to create a product that can quickly take you to the bottom of the hill with increased speed and agility. Additionally, carbon handlebars offer increased performance features that can give you the edge on the competition, as well as being more durable and able to withstand the torsional forces of modern mountain biking. And if you’re looking for an aesthetic change to your bike, there are many colors and finishes to choose from.

Overall, carbon handlebars can be an advantageous investment for riders. If you are looking for performance gains, structural strength, and improved maneuverability on your bike, then carbon handlebars could be the perfect upgrade for you. With the wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors available, you’re sure to find the perfect handlebar for your individual style and needs. So, if you’re looking for an improved riding experience, it may be worth looking into a carbon handlebar.

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